COVID-19 Service Announcement

Updated August 23, 2021 until further notice

We at healing Paws Veterinary clinic understand the spread of viruses because we deal with them every day in our patients. Therefore, we are keenly aware how a virus on the scale of COVID-19 can quickly impact the health of our clients and team members. Veterinary clinics are considered essential services. Therefore, our team has to stay as healthy as possible in order to continue caring for your pets in the months to come.
We are now offering optional curbside service where you have the choice to remain in your vehicle while we care for your pet. Or, you are welcome to come into the lobby, while wearing a mask, and we can seat you in a room for your visit. Also, when refilling medication or food, we would be happy to bring it out to your vehicle or check you out in the lobby. We require everyone coming into the clinic to wear a mask regardless of vaccination status. We also ask that if you are showing any signs of illness that you reschedule your visit or send another caregiver with your pet. If we all work together and take the risk seriously and help mitigate spread and exposure, we will be able to better keep our team healthy so we can be here for pets who need us. Please be patient with us as we work to continue to serve our community.